Day Fifteen

15Day fifteen. Officially halfway through the month of November and therefore halfway through NaNoWriMo (at least as far as days are concerned). This is the point where it’s tempting to give up, set the story to rest for a while and (probably never) come back to it later.

This is exactly the point where we need to push ourselves forward and continue writing. We can do this!

Whether you’re almost there, or just barely started, keep writing. Your story matters, and if nothing else, take it as an opportunity to get to know yourself by venturing deep into the recesses of your mind.

Happy writing! 🙂



17 thoughts on “Day Fifteen

  1. A couple of days ago I was struggling with motivation, but yesterday my main character created a new situation for herself and now I’m motivated to write about what she’s been doing. How is your story progressing? 🙂

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    1. That’s fantastic! 🙂 I love when the character/story writes itself like that and just happens organically.

      I also think it’s amazing how our Ni can connect things and tie it all together. It’s like the entire thing was already in us before we even knew it. 🙂

      My story’s coming along. I’ve had a few days where my characters just kind of stall and don’t do much, but they’ve stepped it up a bit and I think I see the rest of it on the horizon and know what they’re doing next. 🙂

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      1. I agree! I think writing or art in general can teach us a lot about ourselves. It’s fun to push yourself to finish something when you know that there are others working on the same kind of project. After this I think I’m a little more determined to keep up with writing in general. So many things to learn! 🙂

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      2. That’s awesome! I’m so happy you’re enjoying it!

        Yes, I’m definitely planning on going back to edit this one. I’m really excited about it and hoping to go somewhere with it. 🙂

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      3. It’s amazing to see how much can change through different edits of a story too. 🙂 It’s definitely exciting! 🙂 Do you think you’d want to try getting it published, or just writing for yourself?

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