Strong And Sensitive


What if sensitive and strong are the same thing? After all, it takes great strength to be willing to feel. I feel like this is something I’ve said, or thought, before.

I said something to my therapist about feeling too sensitive and she said that might not be a bad thing, that maybe it makes me more sensitive to the things going on around me.

When I write, I tend to drift towards female characters that have a strong sense of strength and emotion. Very deeply connected to their thoughts and feelings, while also very strong and capable. Maybe it’s a reflection of how I want to view myself. Maybe there’s some truth in it.

Maybe sensitivity doesn’t have to be a bad thing, as so many of us were taught. Instead, maybe sensitivity is that quiet strength that guides us toward truth and a better path.


9 thoughts on “Strong And Sensitive

  1. I have an impression that saying that “being sensitive makes us weak” is like saying that “an exquisite hearing is a flaw”. An opposite of being sensitive is being insensitive and it has nothing to do with strength and weakness. Everything has its good and bad side – it depends of how aware we are of who we are, how do we use our capabilities and the situation in itself. It’s not something constant and black and white.

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  2. At times my sensitivity to sounds and scents can overwhelm my ability to respond… but you are right–sensitivity is a strength, not a weakness, and learning how to deal with sensitivity can only make one stronger. J.

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