Holiday Season Begins


Now that I’ve wrapped up NaNoWriMo, I’m excited to start off the holiday season. This truly is one of my favorite times of year (then again, I say that about every time/season as it comes).

I love everything about Autumn, the colors, the smell in the air, the drinks/foods, and so many more. Winter is also beautiful in its own way. There’s nothing like a moonlit forest in winter, the shadows of the trees cast against the glistening snow. What I love about the holiday season is how it ties those two together in such a beautiful way.

We celebrate all the blessings we have with Thanksgiving, celebrate the birth of our Savior with Christmas, then we celebrate the arrival of a new year with all the new beginnings that entails. It’s a time of warmth, of comfort, of family and friends. A time where people join together in a way that they don’t during the rest of the year.

A stranger’s smile, a warm and friendly happy greeting to those we meet, or those we already know, these are things that are so often skipped in our everyday lives.

So as we enter the holiday season, let us be thankful and joyful for the good things. Let us pay extra close attention to the positives in our lives, rather than allowing ourselves to be caught up in the stress and chaos of “busy.” Let’s enjoy the special quiet and cozy moments with those we love, or even when we get to sneak a way and surround ourselves with the comforting peace that only comes in solitude.


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