New Chapter

Today I started officially rewriting an old book that just didn’t capture the world and characters I had envisioned. It’s an amazing feeling to step into another world and another mind. It’s like for a small moment of time, we step into another life.

This was the first novel that I completed. The feeling of it was just off. The characters weren’t right, the world was undefined, and it took something that was beautiful in my head and made it not so beautiful on paper. No matter how many times I’ve tried to edit or revise it, it’s just not working. So I’ve decided to try a new approach.

I’m starting at the beginning. No references. No notes. Just what’s in my mind and what my Ni wants to weave into the story. I’m also writing it on paper rather than on the computer. Writing has such a different feel that way. Half a page in and I’d already found depth and symbolism that was previously left out of the text that the story desperately needed.

I have that happy springtime feeling. (A little early, perhaps.) It’s a chance for new growth and I’m excited to see what begins to bud. It feels good to have a fresh start. A blank page and a world of possibilities.

Writing square



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