Seeking The Lord

Such a beautiful and comforting truth. Thank you, Marissa. 🙂


What should your heart be set on once you give your life to the Lord? Is it keeping the commandments? going to church? an active prayer life? acts of service? Those are all good things, but they should be a side-effect of our primary focus. In other words, they’ll happen because we want to keep the Law, fellowship with other believers, pray, and serve when our hearts are in the right place.

Seeking The Lord | picture credit: “Pearls” by FergieFam007, CC BY-SA via Flickr

In Christopher West’s book Fill these Hearts, he quotes mid-twentieth century artist and writer Caryll Houselander as saying, “If instead of using the expression ‘spiritual life’ we used ‘the seeking,’ we should set out from the beginning and go on to the end with a clearer idea of what our life with God will be on this earth” (56). Our conversion isn’t a static state. It’s a…

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4 thoughts on “Seeking The Lord

  1. Marissa has captured both perspectives of this beautiful parable of the pearl of great price. We are called to seek God and to prize him above all else. However, God also seeks us, as Jesus compared himself to the Shepherd seeking lost sheep in the wilderness. Jesus left his throne to enter this world as one of us; then he gave all, even his life, so he could possess us as his people. How beautiful is his love for us, that he would seek and save us, even giving all that he had to claim us. J.

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