Cold And Kindness

SnowWarm, spring days, then a sudden cold. Snow drifts in and paints the world in white. Sometimes it’s easy to let our hearts do the same. We’re warm one moment, cold the next. But what type of love or kindness is that if it only stands in the good? When others are warm and genuine to us. Aren’t most people kind to those who are kind to them? What about those who aren’t?

What about the people whose hearts are so cold and frozen that that’s what they bring into a relationship, or even an interaction? Is it possible that if we show them warmth and love that it could melt away the fear, the hurt, the anger. That maybe by showing love and kindness we could melt away those walls that create distance, rather than leaving them alone, cold and frozen, shivering in the dark. Maybe our warmth could drive out that chill.

Maybe our light could make a difference. Maybe our kindness to them is the only time it’s ever been shown. Maybe it’s been years since they’ve received a smile, maybe this world has beaten them down until they’re tired and weary, unable to trust anyone around them, unable to trust even themselves.

What if instead of judgment and acting from our own impulsive feelings, what if we reached out a loving hand, a helping hand to lift them up, rather than ignoring or pushing them away?

What if, instead of throwing their coldness back at them, we showed them the warmth that we desire?

Each one of us can make a difference. We have no idea how much a simple, positive interaction could mean. What is a small thing to us, could be a huge thing to someone else.


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