Outdoor World

Blue Sky And TreesThe world has come to life. Everywhere I look I see bright green against the pure blue of a perfectly cloudless sky.

I talk about the weather a lot, nature too I suppose. I think it’s my inferior Se’s way of sneaking into my posts. But I don’t mind so much. There’s such a pure and simple joy about it. A peace you just can’t find anywhere else in our everyday lives. We can make our homes comforting, but it’s still not quite the same.

There’s so much beauty in the world around us, and it would be so easy to miss it.

When I’m outside I feel light and free. I let my thoughts drift and wander through the trees, along with the streaming of a river, or through the air with a bird in flight. I become something different, something real, something magical. How wonderful it is, if only for a small moment in time, to step into another world where anything can happen.


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