God Uses People

We, by nature, are designed for a community of love. God can speak through a powerful wind, a burning bush, or a still small voice, but I find that most often He speaks to us through another person, another brother or sister in Him.

Have you ever felt like God met you exactly where you were at? Given you exactly what you needed at exactly the right time? Have you felt overwhelmed by His love and goodness? That’s where I am this morning.

Last night was pretty restless for me, but I got up to an email from a very dear friend, it touched my soul and I instantly felt His peace flood my heart. God uses people. Sometimes it’s intentional, sometimes it isn’t. But God hasn’t forsaken or abandoned us. He sees us, He remembers us. and He is faithful in his loving-kindness.

God uses us. We are His vessels. This isn’t in a destructive way. God is not manipulative or abusive, but rather His love is for our gain. We can’t pour from an empty cup, no matter how badly we want to. It is God that fills us up. Then He uses us to pour even more of that goodness out to others, who in turn pour it out to still others, and often back into us. But we have to be open to it, and we have to allow it.

God uses people to bless others. If we don’t let Him, then we’re turning away from our purpose. We are vessels, we’re meant to carry great blessings and truth. If we value love and kindness, hadn’t we also turn to the one who created them? Who created us? Who fills our hearts with His love, for He Himself is love.

How sad that we could miss out on our purpose simply because we’ve been so infiltrated by the world’s standard of what it is to be used. People are inherently sinful, when people use people, it’s usually for deception and abuse, but it’s not like that with God. Everything He does is done for us. We may not understand it, but He calls us to trust Him through it.

He will give us far more than we could ask or think. He wants to bless us, but will we allow Him to place us in a community of grace and truth? Are we willing to receive His love?


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