It seems that every time I overdo it, my body shuts down and forces me to rest. I have a tendency to put so much pressure on myself to get things done that I easily wear myself out. Wouldn’t it be so much easier to just honor my needs and not let it go this far?

I tend to feel like if I’m not working on a project of one kind or another, working toward a goal, be it large, artistic, or something else entirely, it just feels like I’m wasting time. Why spend time on other people’s ideas when I haven’t fully done something with my own?

I know that’s a terrible way of thinking, and yet I still seem caught up in this pattern. I make lists and try to plan things out, yet no matter how great my plans are, I just can’t seem to follow through with them. It’s like all this information is just out there waiting for me, and I can’t find a way to act on it.

blanket-582083_640When I haven’t been following the routine that I know works for me, when I don’t allow myself time to rest, I find my body shuts down on me. Which can also be frustrating. I push myself too far, then my body forces me to rest. Sometimes, though not always, if I’m sick I’ll use it as an excuse to take a break.

But sometimes I feel like I’m running without any gain. I push for all these things, and yet never seem to get anything done. Maybe my standards are too high, maybe something in meΒ  is broken. I just need to find that balance.


4 thoughts on “Rest

  1. Balance is hard for us INFJs. I’ve recently seen a psychologist who has explained to me that 1 I am an INFJ 2 that it isn’t just that I like time alone I need it and 3 thinking isn’t my ‘dominant ‘ function so as well as time alone to organise my thoughts I need to be able to step back and see the bigger picture. So sometimes I need to present my own thoughts/feelings to myself through a different medium, ie externally so that I can ‘think’ about them. So basically talking stuff over with someone, or writing it down and then reviewing your own writing as if someone else had written it. So take that test because once you are revived you will be able to be productive. And I know it’s hard for us, but maybe sometimes we need to team up with a ‘details’ person and get them to do all that boring stuff for us !!!!

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    1. Absolutely! And it’s so much easier to hand some of those details over to someone who actually likes handling them. Thank you so much for sharing, it’s very validating. πŸ™‚


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