Night Sky

Looking at the sky can fill me with such awe and wonder. Last night my husband and I went for a walk, we started a bit before dusk and wandered through the beginning of night.

There were clouds that were lit a beautiful dusty pink that faded to yellow, as the sun slipped away. Then I got a peek behind them as they split and the stars shone above. Shielded and hidden behind the cloak of clouds. It was like seeing through to another world, a magical moment that I don’t ever want to forget.

The whispers of night filled the air around me and every fear melted away. I stepped into another world as this one faded away. I felt safe and protected and loved.

Every time I look up I can’t help but think how amazing God is for creating all of this. Sometimes I feel so small when looking at the sky, but it’s in a pure and peaceful way that gives me hope for the future and lets me feel safe and secure in my Father’s love.


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