Gratitude Lists

I love lists! I think I’ve mentioned this before… (Deja vu).

Lately though, I’ve been a little more specific in my list making. As last time, I’ve continued with my blog post list, though I’ve fairly and utterly failed on following through on it. But I’ve also tried something new.

Each night before bed I write a gratitude list for the day. Sometimes it’s a bit wider than that and I just write down the significant (or special) moments of the day. It’s made such a difference in my attitude and how I approach life. I’ve found myself being more okay living in the moment, my patience has improved and I actually am more accepting of time passing as it does.

This has now become an integral part of my wind down routine before bed. I find I’m also sleeping better and feeling more relaxed, when otherwise I’d do a lot of tossing and turning.

I tried something similar last year with my jar of positivity. I loved reading all those little notes at the end of the year. My gratitude lists are a bit more purposeful and I’m already enjoying reading over my previous ones.

Do you keep a gratitude list or something similar? If so I’d love to hear about it! 🙂


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