Finding Hope, A Masterpiece

Today has been kind of a low key day. I think I’ve needed it for a while. It’s been overcast and a bit rainy off and on, just the perfect day to retreat into my little shell and be content alone.

There’s just something peaceful about the rain, it’s like it comes to wash the world clean and give us a fresh start. I find so much hope just watching it, hearing the beautiful little drops hitting on my rooftop or the pavement of the street below.

I curl up on the couch with a laptop and some writing. Maybe a little music in the background. This is where I explore my mind.

I’ve been struggling with some life issues and anxieties lately, but I’m beginning to really find and embrace hope. Just a tiny spark of it can make such a huge difference.

The past few weeks I’ve felt so much lighter, so much more secure in God, and myself and knowing my own worth and value. It’s something I really struggle with, but I’m learning how to accept me and how to trust in the God who created me.

paint-brushes-984434_640We are God’s workmanship, we’re His artwork, His masterpiece. As an artist, I feel a powerful connection to the art I create. I think that’s a reflection of God and how we’re made in His image. If I value the things I create, how much more will God love and value us?

I’ve found so much comfort in that thought.

I stand back in awe and wonder at the great and wonderful God we serve. And I’m so thankful to have been given the opportunity to experience His love.

What are you thankful for today?


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