Change And Chapters

autumn-194834_640It’s a season of new change and new chapters. We can’t always predict what will happen in life, and sometimes that’s a scary thing, sometimes it’s a beautiful thing. Either way, it’s probably for the best. I know that I wouldn’t always make the right choices if I knew where the choices would lead. I say that because I don’t like pain. I don’t like walking through seasons of struggle and trials, but each and every one of those teaches us something about ourselves and about others, and of the God we serve.

Sometimes we have to venture into that forest of the unknowns. Through the doubts and through the fears. Life doesn’t slow down for us. But God is faithful. Even hardships are used to help us grow. We don’t often see it as we’re going through it, but the looking back can help us see how far we’ve come from where we’ve been.

I think I tend to look forward so much that the looking back is hard. That’s why I so often feel like I haven’t gone anywhere or done anything. Not because I truly haven’t, but because when I’m just looking at my feet or the sky it seems I’m standing still, that nothing really changes.

Of course there are times that we see the moon and the stars, and time we see the glaring sun, but we still feel like we’re standing still. It’s not always as true as we believe it to be. And thank goodness that we’re not in control of that!

God has already written our stories, even if we don’t know the ending, or the middle, even if we feel like we’ve scarcely seen the beginning. Sometimes our stories don’t start with an inciting incident, at least not one that we notice. But we were born and brought into this world, and that in itself is a miracle. You are a miracle. Whether you see it right now or not.

God works all things together for our good. But His timing isn’t always ours. Can we stand and say that we find Him in the seeking, we find Him even in our doubt. We have hope in Him. Because nothing can surpass the love and goodness of our God.


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