Who Am I?

black-1175218_1280As an INFJ I’m always asking “who am I?” Maybe not specifically out loud, or to other people, but internally this question is constantly running through my head. Then the imposter syndrome sneaks in and anything I am, or claim to be, comes under attack. It’s like my own worst enemy lives inside my own mind. Maybe that’s true for all of us.

I’m not perfect. I’m not exactly who, or what, or where I want to be. But that’s okay. Because right now, I am exactly where I’m supposed to be and where I need to be for this moment.

This past year has been insane for me. There have been so many storms and changes, and yet, I’ve seen God bring me through it all. He has shown Himself to be faithful in all of it. God has grown my trust so much in the past year, and if only for that, I am thankful. I am thankful for everything that has brought me where I am. Even through the pains, and trials, and struggles, because it has taught me who God wants me to be. It’s shown me who I am in Him. I am His. And that’s all that really matters.

I can ask myself all kinds of questions. Whys, hows. But ultimately the only thing I need to know and trust and believe is that Jesus Christ is my Savior, He died that I may live, He rose again to restore hope. And here I am.

There are times I’m broken, times I’m bleeding. And yet, somehow I’m still safe. My value doesn’t come from a label or a title I claim or someone else places on me, my value comes from being a daughter of the King.


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