Where Your Burdens Fade

sheep-1328505_640All I want is something safe. I want a world of my own where I can step in and everything else will slip away. Where burdens and heartache are no more, where love and light guide everything we do. We may not have that life now, not yet, not here. But we can use those concepts to guide us, even when we know it won’t be perfect.

Perfection is a funny thing. It steals out joy, yet somehow convinces us that what we’re striving for is best. But while we’re pursuing perfection, we’re missing the life that’s around us right now, in the present. It isn’t about the future or the past. Sometimes we make a choice for right now. A choice that for now, in this moment, keeps us safe. Sometimes it helps us forget, sometimes it forces us to remember. But where are our hearts? Where are our eyes? Are we looking to ourselves and our own feelings to guide us, or are we looking to the Creator of us all? The only one who holds true perfection in His hands, while also holding us.

We don’t always understand the paths we take in life, but through them all, there is a plan. We have hope for a greater future, not because of us, but because of Him. He died, we live.

What a sacrifice that is. And it is one that we’re called to make. Not at all times or in all situations, but where God calls us, He leads, will we follow?

He doesn’t promise that this life will be easy, but He does promise to lead and guide us, to help take on the weight of the world that it might not crush us, to give us the strength and ability to trust and endure.

Where God is, there is hope. Where God is, there is healing. Where God is, is where we ought to be. That is where our burdens become light, where we no longer have to take things into our own hands, but where we can let go and trust, knowing that the Author and Creator of life itself, will always be there to help us when we fall.

He has formed a path for us, we just need to take that step of faith in agreement with Him. “Speak Lord, for I am listening.” “The sheep follow Him, for they know His voice.”


4 thoughts on “Where Your Burdens Fade

  1. It is only when I am reminded by prayer and through posts such as yours that I know circumstances will always evolve from pain to suffering to joy but that we only need to know that we are in God’s umbrella and his guidance will never fail. Times can be confusing and scared. Thanks for reminding that stepping on the the path of faith is the most important.

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