Lazy Rainy Days

round-leaved-bellflower-1576107_640Sometimes after a long, busy holiday weekend you just need a day to unwind and reset. Today has been the perfect day for that. It’s been raining all day and I’ve just had the chance to sit, and read, warm drinks, a little writing, and starting Christmas.

I love the holidays, and the whole season. It’s such a cozy time of year. But it can also be exhausting. I’m so thankful for the days like this in between. This is where all the magic happens anyway. It’s about the anticipation, the quiet moments, where you can just sit back and soak it all in.

I don’t dislike being an introvert, but the thing that makes it difficult is that I get so drained while interacting with people, even when it’s people I love. I have a tendency to withdraw, and I don’t mean it against anyone, it’s just what I need in order to take care of myself and my own mental and emotional stability.

There’s so much peace in the rain. I feel like there should be snow for the Christmas season. But the rain is just perfect for today and exactly what I needed.

If you’re an introvert, what are your favorite ways to recover from the holidays?


2 thoughts on “Lazy Rainy Days

  1. One thing that relaxes me (and I’ve started doing every day after I get home from work) is lighting one of my scented candles. I love the warm glow it gives off and its so calming.

    If I don’t have a lot to get done, I’ll also boil some water and make myself a cup of tea. Then I’ll sit down on the couch and drink it slowly. I don’t always get the chance to do this but when I do, it’s lovely 🙂

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