Christmas Season Begins

child-1867394_640The Christmas season has officially begun. 🙂 I think this was exactly what I needed after an absolutely crazy November. There’s something so calming about this time of year. It’s a time we can just sit back, relax, reflect on our lives over the course of the past year, and look ahead to the future for all that it might be.

There’s that warm, cozy feeling in the air (okay, not in the air… That’s freezing, but you can imagine it is), and it feels like all the cares and worries can be washed away as we’re wrapped in the warmth and light of the season. Cozy sweaters, deep reds and creams, blankets, tea and hot cocoa. The soft glow of lights on the tree.

We can capture the feeling of being a kid again. Where everything is magical. Everywhere we look, we find new things to be excited about.

Everything is beautiful. Blissful. Simple. And yet it’s in that pure and simple calm, that we find the strength that we’ve been needing. The light that makes all things right. The security and safety being cozy with the ones we love. Where we can count our blessings, even if just the soft glow of streetlamps through a cold and lonely night.

Hope rises up again, as the beginning of a new year nearly dawns. New chances, new beginnings, and we wonder what the future will hold, and yet, this moment, this pure and simple moment, is still everything we could ask for. The peace and safety. A calm with no end.

What do you enjoy most about this time of year?


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