Christmas Eve

lights-1088141_640Ah, Christmas Eve. Isn’t it wonderful? The busyness of the season has faded away and I’m found wrapped in the warm glow of a Christmas tree, soft music playing, lots of sweet treats around, and alone in my home with the one I love. These are the moments I live for.

I love the quiet, peaceful moments we can find. We can create, we can explore, all the striving in the world cannot compare to those simple moments, filled with peace and joy, closed in for the time (until the candlelight service this evening), know that after that I’ll once again return to the peace and safety of our home.

So much can change over the course of a year. And I’m so thankful for the newfound hope, love, and joy we find. Beginning to look to the future, but for the moment, living in the moment. Fully present. Fully content.

And I feel safe. This is love. We have this because He came. Because the perfect God chose to visit us, to come in human form to let his love be known.

Tonight, I hope you’re all wrapped in that peace and safety, secure in knowing His love for you.


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