The Waters

sunset-1634101_640The waters rush back in their calm serenity. I’m no longer in their grasp. I stand on shifting ground, sand that melts beneath my feet. With every step that cold chill spikes up through my heels and into my legs. But I can stand. I haven’t fallen.

I look out over the horizon, the pinks and orange blend with the pale white of the sky. Sometimes it’s hard to tell whether it’s the end or the beginning. Maybe it’s both. One phase passes and another begins. I may be out of the waters, but I’m still lost on shore. Maybe it takes a while to gain our footing, to find our way out beyond the sand, onto the rocks that stand secure.

Hope. I see it. I feel it.

As one day closes, another begins. So is life. Tomorrow may not be ours, but tonight, we stand. We stand here together, hand in hand, and hearts entwined. Never alone. Never forgotten. Perfect peace that floods our soul.

This isn’t over. Life isn’t over. We pick ourselves up and begin again. Because that’s what humans do. We fight, we struggle, but we grow stronger. And next time the storm comes, it won’t so easily blow us over. Caught in the tide, yet here we are. Holding on, still fighting for a better future.

And in that moment I realize — I’m freed.


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