Making A House A Home

flowers-1000498_640My husband and I have been together for a while now, and I’m ashamed to say that we haven’t really made our house a home… Yet. At least not much beyond basics. But we’re beginning to work on it. We’ve had just about every excuse in the book as to why not to. It’s a temporary place, it cost so much money, we’re not sure what our someday house/home will look like, do we really want to commit to a certain look/style, we’re too busy with work and interests. And it goes on.

Slowly but surely we’re building our home. It started with some curtains, now we have some pillows and I’m working on some art pieces for the walls. It’s amazing what a difference a few small things can make. Having some homey comforts really transforms the feel of things, and it makes me sad that we haven’t done this sooner.

The past few days have been really warm. We’ve had the windows open, and even that fresh breeze makes me feel so much more comfy and cozy. I feel peace. I feel calm. And I’m really beginning to allow myself to hope. This is what I’ve been missing. And that hope is what allows me the motivation to even start on decorating our home.

Maybe the difference between a house and a home isn’t really about the things, though they do impact the feeling of things, but maybe home is more about a state of mind. A state of freedom, security, love, and hope. Those things combine together and pour out into our environment to create a home wherever we may be.


5 thoughts on “Making A House A Home

  1. Loved this post! I’ve also been slowly decorating my space. It’s amazing what a throw blanket and some posters can do. It’s turned my place from an apartment to something a little cozier 🙂

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