Rainy Monday

It’s the beginning of a new week. Mondays are a fresh start to journey forward with purpose and a plan. I haven’t done the best planning my week, I’ve just had a list of tasks that pile up, I check things off, and the stack begins to breathe… As do I.

I love rainy days. They’re so peaceful and perfect. I feel calm and relaxed, embraced in a cozy hug that doesn’t let me go.

Warm tea, my ever present companion that I’ve been neglecting for far too long. A stack of journals, notebooks, and other writings I’m trying to work through clutter my table and desk, but it’s a good kind of mess.

I’m seeing God’s faithfulness through the storm. I’m seeing the light, it shines even in darkness. I’m feeling the hope and warmth of a brighter day.

As the clutter clears and my mind is made open, I feel the healing beginning to work in me. We’re so much more than the things we do, or the lists we keep, but we have to step toward our goal, towards our future, to create and build something, it doesn’t happen by chance or complacency.

A hundred pennies make a dollar. It’s easy to forget the blessings that come when each small act of faithfulness joins the others and they make something beautiful. No step is too small. No goal is too great. And I rest in the in between, I am comforted in the still of the silence, and the faithful raindrops that continue to make their mark on the world outside my window.


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