Self-Criticism And Relaxation

There’s nothing quite so peaceful and relaxing as starting the morning with a hot cup of tea and some time to just sit and be. This used to be a regular morning ritual, but lately, I’ve lost it. It makes such a huge difference to the tone of the day and I really need to incorporate more time to honor my needs without calling them wasteful.

I’m very self-critical. This just magnifies when I feel I’m falling behind and I often neglect myself even more and avoid the very thing I need to find motivation and healing.

Why is it so easy to prioritize some things over others? Why do we justify and make excuses, as if our hearts and minds don’t matter? Are we any less because we have needs and are sensitive to the people and world around us?

I’ve come to realize that what has felt like a curse, is actually a blessing. What I’ve referred to as a weakness in me, I admire as a strength in others. Why can’t I extend that same view to myself?

As I work on myself and grow in awareness, I’m beginning to see the struggle more clearly. Taking care of myself isn’t a waste of time, it’s necessary to being the best that I can be. If I value being my best self, then why would I neglect something that will empower me to be it?


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