List Security

Lists. It seems my life perpetually revolves around lists. I love them, they’re one of the best things ever invented, but sometimes it seems as though I make the same list a million times with only subtle variations. Do you ever do that, or is it just me?

What’s often worse is I love writing on paper. Which means I have tons of little scraps floating around, until eventually I find them again, or sort through the stacks and piles I have, and realize… This realization (or plan) isn’t anything new at all. So I feel like I’ve wasted my time. But hey, at least I’m consistent.

Sometimes I feel stuck. Like I repeat the same pattern over and over in my life. Is it true? Maybe. I feel in some small ways I’m making progress. One tiny rung at a time, one small spiral upward. But the smallness of it all makes it feel like even more of a setback when I fall.

Lists, to some degree, give me a measure of stability and false security, they give me structure and at least the illusion of a plan. And that helps. I think we always need something to look forward to and hope for. I find that lists, even the act of making them, helps with that. It gives me a goal and something to move toward. And in that sense, I suppose they’re never really a waste of time. Why do I still struggle to validate the things I need as an introvert and HSP?

Lists are my security blanket. And I suppose that’s okay, there are worse things to hide behind. Now the question is, will I use them as they’re intended and actually follow through on the things I write down? Hmm… Maybe I should make a list about the benefits of action.

Are you as addicted to lists as I am? Do you find they help you move toward the future you want? I’d love to hear from you. πŸ™‚


6 thoughts on “List Security

  1. I’m a huge list lover! I use a daily planner to block out my time each day, but also have a running list of whatever I need to accomplish during the week.

    Anything important gets highlighted and takes priority and if there’s something I don’t get done, it gets moved to next week’s list. I’ve found it extremely helpful and ensures I don’t forget things.

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  2. I used to write lists all the time when I was a teenager. I don’t really write lists much anymore. I have my list of yearly goals – goals I set myself every birthday to achieve before my next birthday. I also sort of write blocks of texts on notes on my phone and on sticky notes on my laptop – mostly to drain my thoughts and to make them more solid I guess. So, not organised lists or anything like that, just messy jumbles of sentences. I also get scared that I’ll forget an important thought, so I have to write it down. I’ve learnt that I will rarely go back and actually use these “notes”, which is why I don’t bother to even write them neatly anymore. E.g, I currently have 16 sticky notes open on my laptop, none of them containing organised text at all.

    I definitely have found my yearly goals list to be helpful to me, and a few other lists I have made over the years. I think my need to write any thought I’m scared to forget is a hindrance though, because it is something I need to do multiple times a day and yeah, just leaves behind a trail of messy, useless notes everywhere! If I’d only spend less time THINKING of ideas, and more time ACTING on my ideas, this wouldn’t be such a problem!

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    1. I can so relate! There’s something reassuring knowing that all those ideas are still waiting if/when we’re ready for them, though I totally understand how it feels like a hindrance sometimes too. Action can be so much harder than thinking! Both have value, but it’s easy to think more than act.

      I love that you make goals for each year of your life. That’s awesome! πŸ™‚ Definitely something I’m planning to take more seriously in the future. Thank you for sharing! πŸ™‚

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  3. On a bad day I catch myself starting three or four tasks and not finishing any of them. Lists help me to organize my efforts so I can do one thing at a time, cross it off the list, and move on to the next task. That said, I’m making few lists now than I did several years ago. J.

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    1. I feel the same way. Something about putting tasks on paper makes it easier to focus on one thing at a time. I wonder if lists are one of those things that come and go in phases throughout life. Thank you for sharing! πŸ™‚


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