Faithful Rain

It’s a beautiful rainy day today. Maybe one of the last of the year before winter takes over and snow begins to fall. It’s so peaceful, so cozy, and I’m thankful once again for God’s grace and goodness that He rains down on us.

I’m spending the day writing, maybe I’ll do some reading later on. Christmas movies play in the background, and a warm cup of tea steams beside me. I love days like these. They’re so restful and peaceful. And I’m so thankful for that peace.

It comes easier when we learn to notice the good. After two years of keeping a gratitude list I find myself recognizing the beautiful things around me more often. Inner calmness seems easier to come by, and I know this is the work of God. I’m so thankful for His faithfulness and peace. This contentment surpasses other types of generic happiness and fills me with gratitude for these quiet moments.

So today, as the rain pours down, I’m reminded once again of God’s grace and goodness. He nourishes us with exactly what we need. And He is always faithful, even when we’re not paying attention.


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