nib-1066858_640My husband got me a calligraphy pen and some ink for Christmas. I played with it a little when I first got it, but then I set it aside until this past week.

I had some pens when I was a teen, but I didn’t do much with them. They had the refillable ink things and I was afraid of “wasting” all the ink. So… I didn’t use them at all.

Now that I’ve been reading about it, I had no idea how complicated it is! Light strokes up, hard strokes down. Write with your shoulder. (What does that even mean??) So anyway, I’ve been trying the whole write with your shoulder thing. I realized that my typical way to write was with my fingers and forearm. Okay, could be worse. But then I started the whole shoulder thing and now I’m writing with my wrists! And they hurt!

Is there any way to unlearn this nasty habit? I’m hoping that since it’s only been about a week it won’t be something that sticks around, but let’s face it, I write with a pen on a daily basis, it might be tough to quit.

Have you ever tried calligraphy? Any helpful tips?


10 thoughts on “Calligraphy

  1. You can do that. With more practice you will begin to feel the pen as if it’s part of your hand. Use your feelings. Feel it. Yes, as INFJs, we can use our feelings to learn things.

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  2. I recently started practicing calligraphy with a brush tip as well. I thought it would come naturally to me because I have good handwriting and am decent at writing cursive, but it’s much more challenging than I anticipated. Hopefully, we’ll both get better with practice.

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  3. It’s years since I have had my calligraphy stuff out but I was saying only the other day I really ought to do it! It takes a while to get a ‘feel’ for it and finding ‘your’ pen or ‘your’ bib make the world of difference. Keep going!

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  4. Hello, fellow INFJ! πŸ™‚ I too just started calligraphy, but thanks to my experience with drawing I didn’t have much trouble with the hand movements. The best tip I can offer you is to “draw with your hand” — i.e. actually drag your hand around on the paper as you write, moving your fingers as little as possible. Imagine you’re painting, almost, and keep your hand dry to help it move better. Practice helps.

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    1. Thanks for the tips! It’s always a pleasure to meet fellow INFJs. I’m afraid I ruined my pen and will have to get a new one if I’m to try again, but it seems like such a lovely art form I’d hate to give up on it just yet. πŸ™‚


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