Quiet Mornings

I love routines. Lately I’ve gotten in the habit of waking up and having some quiet time alone with God and my thoughts, writing, reading, getting myself focused for the day. I’ve been so productive!

Then the weekend came. My husband was off for the day, so we slept in, then spent the morning together talking and planning. I ended up having some time to myself after all that, but it just wasn’t the same and my day felt so rushed and chaotic.

Could it really be that important for me to start my day alone?

I’m thinking that it is. I love the still and quiet of the early morning, alone with me, allowing my mind to flow where it will, no pressure, only gentle guidance.

I’m learning a lot about myself, mostly because I’m taking the time to listen. Do you have any important morning routines? I’d love to hear how you start the day. 🙂


5 thoughts on “Quiet Mornings

  1. I call it solitude. Like you, I love being alone in the morning too. That is my most favorite hours in the day — specially before dawn. Without solitude in a daily basis, I will become weak and drained. By spending time alone. I am able to recharge my body, my mind, my emotions, and my spirit.

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  2. Quiet mornings are my favorite. I basically live and breathe them when I don’t have a reason to be up early. I think spending the morning alone is so important to do on occassion…it allows time for the body to really wake up, to do some reflecting before the day begins, and find some inner peace before going out into the world.

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