Which Step Have You Reached Today

Sometimes we get stuck on the wrong step. That’s okay. The problem comes in when we decide that it’s impossible to climb. Which I suppose puts us back at the bottom. Sometimes though, the steps are far easier than we realize, we just have to put our minds to it. Which step have you reached today?

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One For The Extroverts

Wonderful post by a wonderful blogger. 🙂 I think this very issue causes so much confusion for people when they try to type themselves; leading to thinking that they’re both, or neither.

Like An Anchor

Extroverts are Just As Amazing As Introverts | marissabaker.wordpress.comcredit

This is a great time to be an introvert. We see articles and books popping up all over the place defining introversion, listings wonderful qualities of introverts, and making sure the extroverts know that introverts are just as good (and dare we imply, better?) than them. Introverts Unite (separately)! Introvert Power!

But I wonder when reading some of these articles if we’ve done the extroverts a disservice. Are we introverts in danger of taking our quest for recognition as extroverts’ equals to the extreme of thinking we’re “better than them”? If people could ever be balanced in a quest for equality, it should be those who study type theory. The very fact that introversion and extroversion is hard-wired into our brains should tell us that not everyone thinks the same, and that’s okay.

So with that in mind, here’s a post for the extroverts. You’re awesome, too. Most of…

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Heaven Can Wait

Beautiful thoughts from a wonderful blogger. Well worth the read. 🙂

See, there's this thing called biology...

heavenAll in good humor here, but I’ve now read several posts demanding to know what heaven is like, two actually from Violet, my atheist blogging buddy. It’s a good question, but one that gets people into all sorts of trouble trying to answer properly.

Heaven is an idea far too big for us to wrap our little brains around, we have nothing to really relate it too, we cannot make those neuronal connections, and our language completely eludes us. Language is so limited. There are things we have never seen, there is a nature of being we know nothing of. There are whole concepts at play that are so much bigger than us. Heaven defies even our own imaginations.

Once when I was a little girl, I heard heaven was like being an angel on a cloud playing harp music all day. I immediately took this to God and…

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