That Rainy Cozy Feel

There’s nothing like getting drenched in the rain and coming in to comfy sweaters, blankets, and warm tea or hot chocolate. The rain brings such peace and healing. It’s like everything is okay, and it’s going to be. There’s hope in the rain. Then comes the point when I’m like a drowned rat and there’s no point in even trying to stay dry. It’s so freeing. Liberating.


We never quite appreciate dry clothes as much as we do when we haven’t had them. That’s true of almost anything, I suppose. Snugly sweaters, the dim yellow light, a warm mug of a favorite drink. That cozy feeling of safety (it’s almost dreamlike), letting go and being present. I don’t often take the time for that anymore, but I need to. I desperately need to. It’s refreshing for my mind, body, and soul. The rain was a reminder of that. To slow down and appreciate the simple things in life that are so easy to overlook.


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